Active citizenship is fundamental to us. Why?

Be the change

Walking down the street, there will probably be things that bother you and wish you could do something about it. That lamppost that burns all day, those plastic cups that fill the streets of Maastricht during Carnival, or those glass jars that you cannot return to the supermarket. You might also wonder what your university’s plan to reduce waste is, how many environmental scientists work for your municipality, or when the municipality is planning on adding a bike-rack next to your house.

Make your voice matter!

There are many reasons for our inaction. We may feel as if our opinion is too small to matter, or that institutions can easily ignore you anyways so you don’t bother trying. However, many of our concerns echo each other and together cannot be as easily ignored. 

Hold Institutions Accountable.

Institutions exist to represent and serve us. They care about public opinion. As citizens, we have a responsibility to keep them accountable. For that we need to come together and decide what our needs and concerns are. Together we can influence the ethical compass they use and pressure them to act.

Be part of the change!

There are many ways you can have a social impact:

Activate iQuestion in your city

Make suggestions

Organise an Action

Ask questions